We provide hassle free, technically sound support for interior & architectural design projects.

What we can do for you

Lighting specifications can get complicated, but we can take care of all your lighting needs for your next project, allowing you to focus on the lighting effect rather than the technical detail! In addition to supplying product we can also provide a lighting design service which includes:

  • Developing the lighting strategy / concept with the design team
  • Producing detailed drawings and technical details

One of our key strengths is our understanding of the product, the application of light, the lighting effect and the impact it will have on the overall project.

Our client-first approach

How we tackle each project is simple, but effective:

  • We identify your lighting needs and aspirations
  • In conjunction with the design team help develop the lighting concept
  • Propose suitable lamp types to meet the lighting concepts
  • Work in conjunction with you to specify suitable fixtures that meet the aesthetic, technical and cost parameters

We’re equally happy to have our product specified and we’ll provide all technical back up to ensure you are comfortable in using our products. You decide how much we are involved.

Your Technical

Need more information about lighting applications and commonly used terms?

We’ve put together a page full of useful lighting information, helping you to better understand technical drawings or specifications for your project.

Click below to view some helpful information and Molto Luce’s ‘MOVA’ configurator.

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