Trov Flex

Unlock the true value of science and engineering with an ultra-discreet, durable, flexible luminaire.


  • Smallest exterior graze on the market
  • Silicone housing offers superior resistance to the elements and won’t crack or yellow over time
  • IP67 rated for outdoor and indoor applications
  • 3 beam angle options
  • 2-step binning
  • 4 CCTS: 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000
  • 90+ CRI standard
  • Field-cuttable to 6-inch increments

The All-Silicone All-Star

The IP67-rated TROV Flex packs top-shelf performance into a discreet design that fits nearly anywhere and, with silicone lenses and housing, is impervious to nearly anything.

Value. Engineering.

TROV Flex packs an unprecedented punch, delivering over 8100cd CBCP, along with the versatility of optics and consistency of 2-step binning in a spoolable, flexible system.

Small is Huge

Measuring less than ½” high and ¾” wide, the powerful and field-cuttable TROV Flex is the smallest exterior graze on the market, able to fit into nooks and coves other luminaires simply cannot.