We’ve got the knowledge and experience to apply exciting new technologies to design projects to great effect. Why not have a look at the lighting innovation we can supply from our manufacturers? 

Trov Flex

Unlock the true value of science and engineering with an ultra-discreet, durable, flexible luminaire.


With the technology developed by Molto Luce, it is possible to influence the beam angle of a luminaire via a control system for the first time.⁣⁠ 

⁣⁠Variable beam angle⁣⁠ 
Light flexibility with no moving parts⁣.⁠ In contrast to the usual dimming behaviour, Dim2Spot does not “dim” the light level, but the beam angle.⁣⁠ 

⁣⁠Controllable via app⁣⁠ 
New lighting situations with a fingertip. With a dimming signal generated via a standard DALI or Bluetooth control, the beam angle can be adjusted from “Flood” to “Spot” according to the requirements in the project. The luminance of the respective beam angles remains approximately the same.⁣⁠ 


The dimming behaviour of a LED is adjusted to the dimming behaviour of a light bulb by means of the DIM2WARM technology. The old halogen and incandescent lamps change their light colour on principle when they are dimmed. The darker the light is dimmed, the warmer and cosier the colour impression becomes. Normal LEDs, on the other hand, maintain their colour temperature at any brightness. With DIM2WARM this dimming behaviour is now simulated by the LED. The light colour is changed from 3000K at 100% light to 2200K at maximum dimming level according to a predefined dimming curve. The cosy warm light of a dimmed halogen or incandescent lamp is thus perfectly imitated.

Dark reflector

DARK-Reflector – The next generation of reflectors combines design with an enhanced colour rendering index for an ideal shopping experience.

The DARK-Reflector is finished with a special coating, developed by Molto Luce, which in combination with micro-facets of the reflector ensures perfect glare control.

In addition, this special coating increases the color rendering index (CRI) by 4% and the red component in the light by approximately 10% compared to a standard aluminum reflector.

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